Mentoring for Authors

Making your words worth reading...

Words Worth Reading Ltd now offers writers the opportunity to be mentored by a published author, who has personally experienced the difficulties that are associated with producing a first class manuscript that publishers will want to accept. We offer various levels of mentoring services that require differing levels of input from both the writer and the mentor. All of our services will allow you as a writer to receive personally tailored, constructive support and advice to help you improve your writing, stay focused, and produce the best manuscript that you possibly can. We will then go on to guide and support you through the process of approaching suitable publishers.

Our mentoring service is open to all writers of all genres and abilities

Our mentoring service includes the following:

  • A full initial proofread and editorial review of your manuscript, or alternatively
  • An initial meeting to discuss the approach for your as yet unwritten manuscript
  • Constructive advice on content, characterisation, plot, structure, voice and language
  • Regular communication and encouragement to assist you with your writing and to help keep you motivated and focused
  • Up to date advice on the current market situation for books of your genre

Words Worth Reading Ltd understands that every writer is an individual and as such the type of mentoring that one writer receives may not be suitable for another. We have therefore tried our best to define three different levels of mentoring input, so that hopefully one of our packages will be suitable for you. If you think you would like any of the packages to be delivered slightly differently then please do contact us to discuss how we can tailor it to your needs.

Icon: writer's mentoring package 1.Package 1 - Virtual Mentor up to 50,000 words

This package is suitable for manuscripts that are or intend to be 50,000 words or less. All of your mentoring will take place either over the phone or via email. If you already have a manuscript written then you will receive an initial editorial review of your work along with a feedback report offering you advice and guidance as to how your manuscript could be improved. This feedback will be written in conjunction with research that your mentor will have undertaken regarding the genre of your manuscript and the current market situation for books of that specification. If you have not yet started writing, you will receive an initial telephone call to discuss your plans and to agree an approach to your manuscript. You will then have the opportunity to work on your manuscript and submit sections for editing as you progress. When your manuscript reaches a level that both yourself and your mentor are satisfied with, you will be ready to submit your work to the most suitable publishers.

Your mentor will be available to you as and when you require, both over the telephone and via email and although you will not receive face to face mentoring, the service you will receive will be of an extremely high quality and you will be able to utilise your mentor’s experience and knowledge to the fullest.

The cost of package 1 is £1000

Icon: Face to face writer's mentoring services.Package 2 – Face to face mentor - up to 50,000 words

This package is designed for those writers who would prefer face to face mentoring. This package incorporates all of the features of package 1 including an initial editorial review, significant market research and the production and submission of publisher packs. You will still have the opportunity to contact your mentor via telephone and email, however package 2 also entitles you to monthly meetings (or at a frequency that suits you) with your mentor to discuss your work and your progress in depth and face to face. Please note that with this package the number of face to face meetings is limited to 6.

The cost of package 2 is £1800

Icon:  Author's mentoring scheme.Package 3 – 50,000 words +

This package is designed for those writing larger manuscripts that will require a more prolonged mentoring process. Writers of manuscripts that are or intend to be greater than 50,000 words have the option of receiving either a virtual or a face to face mentoring programme. Please contact us to discuss the level of input you desire, and so that we can determine the frequency of meetings or discussions that will be required. All prices for package 3 will be quoted on an individual basis to ensure that costs are appropriate for the individual’s needs.

Package 3 prices start from £1200