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"Writing a response to a tender is difficult because it normally requires a great understanding of the commissioning company and the provider, and it often needs to be created within a couple of days. Words Worth Reading Ltd have always amazed me with the way that they approach tender writing. They are able to write as if they are part of our company and pull together bid responses which not only sound beautiful, they are also detailed, consistent with our company's ideas, address the commissioner's requirements and are logical and clear in structure. We are always very happy to use Words Worth Reading Ltd"

Power Central, UK division

In an ever-changing and highly competitive market, winning tenders for the provision of services or the delivery of a project can be tricky. There are so many other companies out there that are also looking to secure that tender, how do you make sure that your tender response outbids all of the competition? Alongside having a cost effective and innovative service delivery solution, it's imperative that you have a written bid that:

  • Clearly demonstrates your service or project solution
  • Fully answers all of the tender questions
  • Highlights your unique selling points
  • Fills the commissioning organisation with confidence that you would be able to easily and successfully deliver the service they're after

To win business in today's economic climate, you have to be creative, cost effective, and be able to succinctly and thoroughly demonstrate this competitive edge in writing; through your response bid.

With our core team of experienced writers and business experts, Words Worth Reading Ltd can provide you with a dedicated bid writing team or a specific bid writer to help you on an ongoing or ad hoc basis. We have individuals who specialise in the four distinct areas of bid writing (research, writer, bid manager and evaluator), and thus can find a resource that best fits your individual needs.

Our bid writing services are tailored to individual need. However, some of the common features seen in our service delivery include:

  • Undertaking research required to provide response / proposal content
  • Writing tender proposals; either in full or taking specific sections
  • Rewriting sections of your bid document to enhance the content or provide a clearer, better structured and more comprehensive response
  • Editing existing material
  • Proofreading your tender response
  • Editing and rewriting supporting proposal documentation
  • Creating panel presentation packages

Click to view an example of a bid response.Example of a bid response

What distinguishes Words Worth Reading Ltd from other Bid Writing Organisations?

Project specifications, turnaround times and prices are available on request. All prices are individually tailored based on the requirements of each client. Prices will be quoted based on the complexity of your requirements, the time it will take to deliver, and the turnaround times required.

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