The Best Bid Writing Service

What distinguishes us from other bid writing Organisations?

As a writing and editorial company we have a number of key qualities that set us apart from other bid writing individuals or organisations. These qualities include:

  • We currently have a 63% success rate for our bid writing and funding proposal application services
  • As a creative company we are able to bring a design and presentation awareness to all of the documents and projects that we work on. This is particularly important for bid and consultation documentation, as how a document looks is always taken into consideration by those assessing the proposal. Furthermore, our design skills enable us to support organisations with their panel presentations, regardless of whether these need to be developed in Microsoft PowerPoint, Project, Visio or Publisher
  • We can provide experienced researchers, proposal writers, bid managers, and bid evaluators, so our services are specifically tailored to meet the exact requirements and budgets of our clients. Our expertise in putting forward successful bids for either contract or funding attainment means that a significant number of the organisations we work with ask us to become an active member of their 'Bid Team'. We are always more than happy to fulfil this role, attending meetings and participating in presentation delivery as required
  • We specialise in working with Public Sector organisations, with companies that are looking to work alongside Public Sector organisations, and with charities or support organisations that are seeking funding for ethical or social causes. This means that we have a real understanding of the way that these organisations function, and of the funding application requirements of the organisations that are usually approached
  • Our writers are experienced in a wide range of documentation creation, including Business Plans, Strategic Plans and internal Business Development documentation. This allows us to assess all internal documentation and to streamline the documentation where necessary to better meet the ethos and emphasis of funding proposals produced
  • As well as being experienced writers, all of our staff are qualified editors, so our clients can be assured of the quality of documents we edit, as well as those that we write

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