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Meet Samantha...

Image: Samantha Pearce, founder of Words Worth Reading Ltd, proofreading and editorial services.

Samantha Pearce is the founder and Managing Director of Words Worth Reading Ltd, and the author of 'Tangled in Heaven' (2005), 'Catherina and the Incredible Stripy Pants' (June 2009), 'How To Write A Novel' (2012), 'Self Publishing – The How To Guide' (2011), and 'Thinking Pink' (to be released in 2014). She graduated with a BA in English and American Literature and Philosophy from Canterbury and loved every moment of university life. Her experiences and interactions as a student led to a strong belief that words, writing, concepts and ideas should be nurtured and helped to flourish, not covered in red pen markings or disregarded by others as insufficient, inappropriate or 'just not good enough'. So she created Words Worth Reading Ltd, an editorial service open to all, where essays, CVs, manuscripts, business documents and all other word-driven documents are thoughtfully appraised and improved. Sam was nominated as Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Essex Business Awards 2008, is a member (including a spell on the council) of the Society of Women's Writers and Journalists, and was the presenter for the weekly Wednesday night Book Show on Phoenix FM. Sam takes her responsibilities in the writing community very seriously, working hard to ensure Words Worth Reading Ltd provides a leading writing and editorial service for the UK and beyond..

"Sam is friendly and passionate about her work. She approaches every challenge we throw at her with innovation, skill and expertise. For years now we have used Words Worth Reading Ltd to complete all of our written work, our assessment preparation, marketing literature and complex documentation delivery. We just see Sam as another valued member of our team." – Customer feedback, NHS.

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Meet Catherina...

Image: Catherina, furnishing the creative element of Words Worth Reading Ltd.

Catherina is an experienced project manager, bringing extensive public health expertise to our private company, thereby ensuring a streamlined approach to both our internal management, and to the management of contracts on behalf of our clients. She has 22 years experience within the health and social care profession and provides valuable input into our business projects within this field. Catherina’s strengths include her planning and organisational skills, her pride in ensuring delivery, her attention to detail, and her motivational capacity and enthusiasm for project delivery. Examples of Catherina’s large-scale successful project management contracts include the co-ordination of a series of health services from one hospital location to a new hospital build, the management of an NHS trust level staff redeployment consultation, the delivery of a cross-sector consultation which looked at the revision of the older person pathway across Essex, the delivery of a high-profile government funded educational tool, and the management of the delivery of Fresher Fairs across the South-East. In addition, Catherina has a beautiful understanding of language, and her flair for words is harnessed to help deliver many of the creative assignments provided through our business arm; including design, marketing campaigns, web content writing and manuscript reviews. Catherina also has a book due out in Winter 2011 entitled 'How to grow your own vegetables'.

"Catherina has completed proof reads and editorials on several of my essays over the past few years and I am always so grateful for the work she does for me. She is always available for me to talk to or contact and she always delivers my work within the required timescale…even if I have left the essay to the very last minute!" – Customer feedback, postgraduate student.

Meet Hannah...

Image: Joe, marketing at Words Worth Reading Ltd.Providing crucial administrative, research and project management support, Hannah is an invaluable contributor to all of the contracts we deliver. A qualified researcher and a strong multi-tasker, with a job description that demands the highest level of organisational, presentational and communication skills, Hannah’s abilities ensure an efficient delivery of any project, which helps us to ultimately reduce the cost of each project we complete for our clients.

"Hannah is the perfect team member. She is organised and calm and a delight to work with. Our clients love her friendly, supportive approach." – Team comment, Catherina.

Meet Kev...

Image: Kev, looking after the Words Worth Reading Ltd proofreading and editorial services web site.

Kev is our Web Designer & Technician and has been involved with the internet since the late 1990s and launched his own web site business full time in 2004, trading as a freelance under the name of Chevinside Publications. Since that time, he has developed and promoted web sites for clients based in the UK and the USA from a diverse range of industries. One of his current projects is the promotion of this web site, Words Worth Reading Ltd, where he uses his experience of search engine optimisation to ensure that it is seen more widely in the search engine results.

"Everyone in the team loves Kev! As well as being a talented SEO lead and IT technician, he is also approachable, helpful, friendly and kind." – Team comment, Catherina.

Meet Emma...

Image: Emma, fulfilling the accountancy and strategic planning role in Words Worth Reading Ltd.

Emma is our Financial Advisor. Fulfilling our required book keeping and accountancy role, Emma ensures that routine charity payments are made to Oxfam, Shelter, RSPCA and the Dogs Trust. She also maps income to activity, helping to inform business planning and ensuring that our operational processes are streamlined to best meet demand.

"We all find Emma to be a bit of an inspiration because she proves that you can have a technical, science or maths based job and still be oozing creative flair!" – Team comment, Chris.

Meet Laura...

Image: Laura, supporting Words Worth Reading Ltd staffing and personnel.

Laura is our Human Resources Advisor, she provides support to the entire team to ensure that all staffing and personnel requirements are met and dealt with appropriately. She provides advice on the most recent legislation and guidance, which allows the Words Worth Reading Ltd team to work in a happy and safe environment.

"Laura knows everything there is to know about HR. Which not only makes her a great resource for the team, but she's wonderful at supporting our job seeker customers too." – Team comment, Emma.

Meet Nigel...

Image: Nigel, Words Worth Reading Ltd accountant.

Nigel is the company accountant and works pro-actively to ensure that all of our financial requirements are met, whilst supporting the growth and development of Words Worth Reading Ltd. Nigel provides accountancy services through his own company Barber Accountancy -

"We value the support Nigel provides. It means that we can focus on delivering high quality services to our customers rather than completing endless paperwork." – Team comment, Sam.

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