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Image: Effective corporate team building activites.

Corporate Team Building Activities

No matter what the size of your company or the type of industry or business that your team works within, it is essential that every individual understands each person’s strengths and weaknesses, so that they can all work effectively within the team.

Words Worth Reading Ltd offer a range of team building sessions that revolve around fun, creative writing activities which participants will find enjoyable and enlightening.

Each team building session will be led by members of the Words Worth Reading Ltd team, who will be able to ensure that everyone gets stuck in and has fun.

Examples of team building activities include;

Team building success.  A novel novel

Individuals work in small groups to conceptualise an idea for a novel, then subsequently plan the content and write a synopsis for it. Groups will then present and pitch their ‘novel novel’ in a creative way in front of a panel of judges. A variety of light hearted awards will be made, following the completion of the groups’ presentations.

Corporate team building through creative writing.  Lazy Limericks

Each person is given an individual word or phrase, then the team have to work together to organise themselves in such a way that when read in the correct order the words form a limerick. The results can be very interesting!

Sessions can be delivered as half or full days, with refreshments being provided as appropriate.

There is also the option for any of the session activities to be tailored to your specific needs, so that tasks are more personally focused towards developing particular qualities or writing skills. Examples of writing skills that can be developed through our sessions include; writing business proposals, writing marketing plans and technical writing.

For further information about locations, minimum numbers and costs please give us a call on 01206 266766 or contact us via email enquiries@wordsworthreading.co.uk. Alternatively, complete the contact form.