Student Proofreading

Proofreading of essays and dissertations for undergraduate students

Our undergraduate student proofreading services are extremely popular! And that is probably because we offer an incredibly competitive, comprehensive service, delivered within a tight timescale and at a fantastic price.

At Words Worth Reading Ltd we understand the conflicting priorities students face. You need to get great grades, but you also have jam-packed social calendars. A social life requires money, time and energy. So does a decent essay, and you can't always do both. Our essay editorial service gives your essays the time and energy that you can't provide WITHOUT eating into your beer money!

Good quality and timely proofreading and editing of your essay or dissertation is essential. As an undergraduate student, you will undoubtedly be working to a deadline in order to gain your qualification. If you hand in papers that have spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and are hard to read, it will give a poor impression of your hard work. Our student proofreading service can help you to avoid disaster.

So, what do we do?

  • We do our research - we investigate the mindset of your lecturers to ensure your essay is in keeping with their requirements.
  • We check the language - we ensure every sentence is as beautifully written as possible. We make sure the grammar, punctuation and spelling are perfect. We check for typos. We pick up on mistakes often missed by computer software packages. We check for inaccurate changes in tenses. We ensure quotations are used appropriately.
  • We understand the question - and then we restructure paragraphs to ensure that you are answering it. With dissertations we even start by ensuring you're using the correct methodology for your title.
  • We make sure guidance is followed - We check references. We make sure the referencing is consistent. We get to grips with your bibliography and make sure the right source details are recorded.
  • We use Track Changes - we will make all changes in Track Changes allowing you to view every change made so that you can accept or decline changes as you wish.
  • We provide you with ongoing support - we will let you know what the good bits and the not so good bits were in your original submission, posing questions to help you improve your essay writing skills. We make our changes on your essay (with track changes) so it's ready for you to hand in immediately. We offer ongoing email support, so if you have any questions, queries or need further advice, you just have to shout.
  • We provide a free sample editorial of 500 words - on request if required.

Proofreading for ESL Students

Writing in a foreign language is difficult, so if English is your second language, we can help ensure that your work reads and flows well. We will look out for those mistakes that you might find difficult to spot, including poor sentence structure, incorrect use of tenses and lack of connecting words such as and, of and in. We also work with a number of students who have Dyslexia. Our proofreading service allows students with Dyslexia to achieve a well written and structured essay, without altering the meaning of the argument they want to state within their academic writing.

We can provide all of this within 24 hours for essays of up to 8000 words.

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To take advantage of this great service, take a look at the products listed. Our services are priced by word count, and don't forget that 10% of your submission fee goes to Oxfam, so you are doing your bit to help an important charity. Click on the service that matches (as closely as possible) your essay word limit, and proceed through to the checkout. Once payment is completed, submit your essay to


Please note that we are not an essay or dissertation writing company, we simply edit your words to ensure that the work you hand in is of the highest possible standard, this includes checking that all of your work is properly referenced to avoid you falling foul of the plagiarism rules. Additionally, any input that Words Worth Reading Ltd provides into your essay or dissertation will not contravene the rules concerning plagiarism.

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Undergraduate Proofreading Rates

First check out our current student proofreading special offers

* IMPORTANT: please note that the fast turnaround services of 12 and 24 hours are applicable to essays submitted during normal working hours (Monday to Friday only).

Word Count Delivery Time
12 hours 24 hours 2 working days 4 working days 7 working days 14 working days
1,000 £20 £15 £10      
2,000 £30 £25 £20      
3,000 £40 £35 £30      
4,000   £50 £45 £40    
5,000   £60 £55 £50    
6,000   £70 £65 £60    
7,000   £80 £75 £70    
8,000   £90 £85 £80    
9,000     £95 £90    
10,000     £105 £100    
15,000       £130 £120  
20,000       £180 £170  
30,000       £230 £220  
40,000       £280 £270  
50,000       £330 £320  
60,000           £370
70,000           £420
<100,000           £460
>100,000           £500
Word Count Delivery Time
12 hrs 24 hrs 2 work. days
1,000 £20 £15 £10
2,000 £30 £25 £20
3,000 £40 £35 £30
4,000   £50 £45
5,000   £60 £55
6,000   £70 £65
7,000   £80 £75
8,000   £90 £85
9,000     £95
10,000     £105
Word Count Delivery Time (work days)
4 7 14
15,000 £130 £120  
20,000 £180 £170  
30,000 £230 £220  
40,000 £280 £270  
50,000 £330 £320  
60,000     £370
70,000     £420
<100,000     £460
>100,000     £500