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Book Publishing - Troubador Partnership

Words Worth Reading Ltd have built up a very strong relationship with Troubador Publishing Ltd and their respected self publishing arm Matador. Matador has deliberately established itself at the quality end of the self publishing market; boasting quality of content, design, production and distribution. Our partnership with them means that we are now pleased to be able to offer Words Worth Reading Ltd customers 10 percent off of the Matador self publishing prices. Simply contact one of our team for more information.

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Promotion - The Ultimate Student Bundle Deal

The Ultimate Student Bundle Deal is the easiest way to guaranteed speedy access to our editorial services. You pay a one-off submission fee of 125 and this allows you to submit as many essays as you would like throughout an entire academic term or over a three month period whichever comes first (up to an overall maximum word count of 30,000 words).

Each submission must be no longer than 5000 words in length, and can cover any subject matter.

The turnaround time for each document submission is 4 working days.

Only one submission can be made at a time.

Priced at only 125 Image: Spacer for add to basket. Click Here to Order Now!

Promotion - Second Reading

20 percent discount off a second reading of your work. This offer applies only to a piece of work that has been submitted to Words Worth Reading Ltd previously, for example manuscripts. Please contact the team to access the code.

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