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May 2014;

This is the month that exams come to an end and some students head off on their summer break. In the Words Worth Reading Ltd office we have been helping students to finalise their dissertations. We have also been busy working with clients, new and existing, to update their policy documentation and submit their requirements to the Information Governance Toolkit.

>> Download May 2014 newsletter as a pdf file

April 2014;

We have been busy in the office this month helping healthcare organisations with their company policies and students make their dissertations and final essays the best they can be...

>> Download April 2014 newsletter as a pdf file

March 2014;

900 new words in the OED, a pen that tells you when you have made a writing error, Clegg on tuition fees and a whole lot more.

>> Download March 2014 newsletter as a pdf file

January 2014;

A very happy new year to you all! We are all attempting to avoid chocolate, cake, caffeine and anything sugar-loaded here in the office this month – very miserable indeed! So instead of fixating on food, we’re ploughing our efforts into Information Governance compliance, policy documentation and publisher packs!

>> Download January 2014 newsletter as a pdf file

December 2013;

Here comes seasonal festivities and of course the arrival of a new year. All very exciting and one of the most creative months of the year, well we think so anyway. Given our submission rate many of our customers feel the same way! We’re focusing on creative manuscripts, and stylised documentation this month…

>> Download December 2013 newsletter as a pdf file

October 2113;

The possible abolishment of the restrictive Irish Censorship board, the CQC is to make more hospital visits and good news for a young New Zealand author in the Man Booker Prize ...

>> Download October 2113 newsletter as a pdf file

September 2013;

The launch of our IGT remote audit service, JK Rowling teams up with Warner Bros for a Harry Potter spin-off, the CQC shortlisted for a Chrity Times award and news that two more UK universites have moved into the world's top 20 ...

>> Download September 2013 newsletter as a pdf file

August 2013;

Top tips for new students, Stephen King 'Under the Dome' to be made into a TV series and companies to be given access to NHS record for just £1 ...

>> Download August 2013 newsletter as a pdf file

July 2013;

Marketing your own book, highlights of the CQC's annual report and what's on in the arts world this summer ...

>> Download July 2013 newsletter as a pdf file

June 2013;

Novelists honoured by the Queen, CQC denial of cover up, ten great books for the summer, should it actually arrive, and a Brighton man lands one of the 'six best jobs in the world' ...

>> Download June 2013 newsletter as a pdf file

Information Governance Review March 2013 - A Summary;

The Information Governance Review was published in March 2013. The aim of the review is to ensure the delivery of the best care possible to every citizen, and to address ...

>> Download Information Governance Review March 2013 - A Summary newsletter as a pdf file

May 2013;

From the Summer reading challenge for children to the latest news from the NHS - this is an issue that is not to be missed ...

>> Download May 2013 newsletter as a pdf file

April 2013;

With the weather warming up, it finally feels like spring is here. So far this year the Words Worth Reading team have been rushed off their feet in both their UK and French offices, with lots of Information Governance Toolkit submissions.

>> Download April 2013 newsletter as a pdf file

Leaflet: Guide to CQC Inspection;

Professional regulators, such as the CQC, have a responsibility to ensure care professionals provide care in line with their essential standards and regulations.

>> Download Leaflet: Guide to CQC Inspection newsletter as a pdf file

September Newsletter;

As the schools go back and the sun comes out the Words Worth Reading ltd office has the coffee on and busy reading essays and dissertations, with August seeing the largest number of the student submissions so far in 2012 ...

>> Download September Newsletter newsletter as a pdf file

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