Words Worth Reading Ltd are currently revising all of their support packages, ready for a relaunch in Spring 2018. We are therefore unable to accept work from new CQC clients just at the moment. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Image: Consultancy service for healthcare providers.

Healthcare Services

A full administration and data handling consultancy service for all healthcare providers

Application and compliance with the legal requirements of the Care Quality Commission and equivalent bodies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can be very time consuming. Finding the time to do this whilst running a busy service is a headache for healthcare admin teams so outsourcing is the practical and often economical solution.

Words Worth Reading Ltd offers a comprehensive range of documentation and consultancy services to the healthcare industry. These include Care Quality Commission (CQC) Registration and compliance, Information Governance and even mandatory nurse training. We are familiar with the detailed requirements of healthcare monitoring authorities in all four of the countries of the United Kingdom.

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