Provider Compliance Assessments

Helping healthcare providers with CQC Compliance

The Care Quality Commission undertakes frequent reviews of all registered healthcare providers. The reviews of registered providers are undertaken to ensure that they are still suitable to retain their registration. The CQC will specifically look at ensuring that Providers are delivering positive outcomes and that those individuals who are using the services are having positive experiences.

The retention of CQC registration status is thus just as important as the attainment of CQC registration status.

There are several different ways that the CQC continues to monitor Provider's compliance with their essential standards and outcomes. These include:

  • Ongoing site visits and assessments
  • Reviews of all of the information they hold about an organisation, including access to 3rd party information (such as the National Patient Safety Agency)
  • Periodic reviews of the performance of a healthcare provider using a Provider Compliance Assessment (PCA)
  • Special reviews on particular aspects of care; such as economy, efficiency, and information issues

If the Care Quality Commission wish to see evidence of continued compliance they may ask providers to submit a Provider Compliance Assessment (PCA). Providers will have just 5 days from the date of the request to submit this assessment; as such it is recommended that all registered providers carry out this internal monitoring on a regular basis so that they are ready to respond should the CQC submit a request for information.

By completing routine Provider Compliance Assessments for clients, Words Worth Reading Ltd can ensure that providers are constantly prepared for any of the above compliance checks that will be undertaken by the CQC.

The Provider Compliance Assessment is split into 16 areas, relating to each of the 16 Essential Standards.

As part of this assessment, our CQC experts will:

  • Assess your location, documentation and service against each of the key standards
  • Check that there is sufficient evidence to reach judgement about compliance. This involves ensuring that any evidence presented is; current, reliable, relevant, sufficient, and can demonstrate the outcome required
  • Check that the evidence demonstrates compliance, using the CQC's Judgement Framework
  • Determine the impact of the service on the people who use it with regard to; safety, independence, experience, outcomes, dignity, human rights and accessibility
  • Validate the judgement made against each standard against examples of compliance to ensure that we are giving an accurate judgement on the provider's performance
  • Complete the Provider Compliance Assessment Tool for each standard including the creation of robust, SMART, action plans to address any areas of concern

The average price for this service is £700 +VAT. To talk to a member of our team about this service, give us a call on 01206 266766 or contact us via email at Alternatively, complete the contact form