Information Governance Auditing

Stress-free completion of the Information Governance Toolkit

The completion of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit is a laborious task; one that requires the creation or gathering of evidentiary documentation, the drafting of complex responses to required assertions, and the administrative task of uploading information into the online tool. There is always a huge sigh of relief when the upload is complete and the submission is made!

However, in order to demonstrate on-going compliance with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSP), organisations should undertake Information Governance staff awareness audits in-year. Undertaking such audits enables organisations to retain toolkit compliance from Year 2 onwards, and provides a solid competency assessment to determine individual's training needs.

Words Worth Reading Ltd has a wealth of experience in supporting organisations to meet the DSP Toolkit requirements and in enabling them to demonstrate that they are auditing internal processes and staff compliance with determined standards.

We offer a robust internal audit service, where the Words Worth Reading Ltd team undertake the recommended DSP audits on behalf of organisations, presenting the outcome of the audits in a formal document and, where necessary, creating action plans to address any potential areas for improvement.

What will the audit focus on?

Click here to download a pdf of our Information Governance Audit information sheet

  • Records Management
  • Training
  • Information Systems Access
  • Information Sharing
  • Staff Awareness

Our audit service is a quick, efficient and cost effective way to ensure compliance with the DSP Toolkit standards in-year. It enables Information Governance leads to understand how well internal protocols have been embedded and provides a focus for any required intervention.

Our focus on Information Governance means we have the internal expertise to undertake and process the audit results quickly, intelligently, and in a way that is meaningful to your organisation.

For further information on how we can support you with your Information Governance audit, give us a call on 01206 266766 or contact us via email Alternatively, complete the contact form.