Information Analytics

Data analysis, information reporting and report preparation for healthcare providers

Information is vital to a successful organisation. Without information, there is no real way of knowing how well a company is performing, whether efficiencies are being saved, whether profit margins are as high as they should be, whether customers are happy, whether contract terms are being adhered to and whether latest guidance and / or market information has been incorporated into day-to-day business.

Healthcare Providers are well aware of the importance of routine and accurate information reporting. Without information strategic decisions cannot be made and operational delivery is hindered.

More and more independent healthcare providers are entering the sphere of delivering local community, primary and secondary care. In addition, NHS primary care providers are finding themselves with a greater level of authority and decision-making when it comes to the delivery of care within their local area. The Coalition Government's announcement of GP commissioning responsibilities will see an even greater number of GP practices requiring day-to-day operational information about their local population, about the healthcare services accessed by their local population, and about the wider NHS environment in which the services they commission must function. Never before has the healthcare environment seen so many 'new' healthcare providers requiring heightened levels of information analysis and healthcare research.

Words Worth Reading Ltd has been providing data entry, data analysis, information reporting and sophisticated report production to the NHS for over 7 years. We have worked with GPs, Pharmacists, PCTs, Acute Commissioning Units, Acute Trusts, Mental Health Trusts and Independent Sector Providers. With trained expertise in Unify 2, SUS, Experian, Performance Accelerator, IAPT, SystmOne and bespoke provider data capture tools, we can provide the very best level of information analysis and report generation.

Example areas for our analytical and report creation within healthcare include:

  • Waiting List management
  • Demand and capacity analysis
  • Productivity management
  • Management of performance against national, regional and local targets
  • Integrated Board papers
  • Risk management
  • Commissioning management, including claims management, performance against schedule 5
  • Indicators and benchmarking against national data sets
  • Benchmarking of performance, from practice level upwards
  • Activity monitoring
  • Complaints management
  • Alerts management
  • Training

We offer tailored analytical services to suit your needs. Supplying services ranging from in-house analytical support to out of the office report design, automation and delivery; we work with each client individually to ensure that the information analysis and performance reporting service they need is met, in a way that best suits them.

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