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All independent health and social care providers including GP's that carry out regulated activities must be registered with the Care Quality Commission. To be registered, providers must show that they are meeting new essential standards of quality and safety.

In 2014, the CQC introduced a new way of monitoring organisations. Once registration has been granted, intelligent monitoring will be used to identify organisations that may need to be prioritised for compliance inspection. Inspection is now undertaken by a number of 'experts' who focus on service user feedback, who use their own expert judgement, and who collectively ensure a thorough assessment process.

The five domains that an organisation is assessed against are; Safety, Effectiveness, Caring, Ability to be Responsive, and Leadership.

Intelligent Monitoring

From winter 2014 the CQC have worked to implement an approach to inspecting and regulating independent healthcare that mirrors that used for NHS acute and community healthcare providers. They therefore want to be able to check, on a regular basis, whether there is a risk that services are not providing safe or good quality care. Ultimately, it is their intention to publish each provider's performance against a set of risk indicators, in addition to publishing the judgement made whilst carry out inspections, in the same way that they do for the NHS. This is to be called 'intelligent monitoring'.

The indicators will raise questions about the quality and safety of care but will not be used on their own to make final judgements or to provide a rating. CQC judgements will always be based on a combination of what inspectors find at inspection, intelligent monitoring data and local information from the provider, other organisations and the people who use the services.

The five domains of compliance

As outlined above, the five domains of compliance are identified as:

  • Are they Safe? By safe, the CQC means that people are protected from abuse and avoidable harm.
  • Are they Effective? By effective, the CQC means that people's care, treatment and support achieves good outcomes, promotes a good quality of life and is based on the best available evidence.
  • Are they Caring? By caring, the CQC means that staff involve and treat people with respect, compassion, kindness and dignity.
  • Are they Responsive? By responsive, the CQC mean that services are organised so that they meet people's needs.
  • Are they Well-led? By well-led, the CQC mean that the leadership, management and governance of the organisation assures the delivery of high quality person-centred care, supports learning and innovation, and promotes an open and fair culture.

To direct the focus of their inspections, the CQC inspection teams use a standard set of key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) that directly relate to the five domain areas. Any number of KLOEs could be used by the CQC to probe further into an organisation's performance against the domain areas.

Not too sure where to start? Words Worth Reading Ltd have assisted a wide range of providers to prepare for and apply for CQC registration, with our experienced team offering a variety of interventions to support the registration process, these include:

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Whether you choose to tailor our standardised templates or work with our experienced consultants to utilise their knowledge and expertise, Words Worth Reading Ltd can make the CQC registration process simple.

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