Documentation for all Healthcare providers

Preparation of documentation for healthcare providers

We are closed to new CQC clients until December 2019. We are fully booked until the new year! We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Even as we strive to be a paperless working country, there is just no escaping documentation. The healthcare sector is definitely no exception! Documentation is required to demonstrate compliance with CQC registration standards, to pass compulsory audits such as JAG or infection control, to ensure HR compliance for all employed staff members and to illustrate that every action completed is in line with a pre-approved process, procedure or piece of written guidance.

Words Worth Reading Ltd work closely with a range of healthcare providers to ensure that their documentation is in place and where appropriate complies with governed standards. For the past 8 years we have been working with acute hospitals, Primary Care Trusts, GP's, primary and community care providers, mental health providers and independent providers. Each client needs something slightly different, and this diversity in documentation is one of the things we love most about working within the healthcare arena.

Examples of the documentation we've provided for previous clients include:

  • Summary documents of national guidance or papers, such as The 2010 White Paper, or the national Breast Feeding Initiative (click here for example)
  • CQC bulletins, providing monthly or weekly summarised guidance on what's happening with this regulatory body – each bulletin specifically tailored to the needs of the client (click here for example)
  • Logs and registers, created in an interactive way which allows for easy use and which meet regulatory guidance
  • Local policies, flow charts, process notes and procedure guidelines, covering clinical and non-clinical needs (click here for example - Microsoft Visio® or Visio Viewer® required)
  • Training manuals or presentations on a host of subjects that can be used for induction or internal training purposes (click here for example - Microsoft Powerpoint® required)
  • Internal newsletters
  • Leaflets (click here for example)
  • See also our Information Governance, CQC registration and consultation sections for further examples of our dedicated healthcare provider services.

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