Prince Charles backs job opportunities for young people

The Prince of Wales has announced that he is to launch a youth job ambassador scheme. The Prince plans to establish the scheme through his charity The Price’s Trust. The
charity is to create 100 jobs for unemployed young people – who will then try to help a further 100,000 find work.

Prince Charles has shared his hope that a new job creation initiative by his Prince’s Trust would make a difference around the country. “Part of my cunning plan over 36 years has really been to invest in the future, in the lives and the abilities and the talent and the potential of so many young people,” Prince Charles said.

He added: “I’m very much hoping that this new initiative could make a difference to some areas of the country.”

The scheme plans for youngsters who have transformed their lives with help from the Trust employed as Job Ambassadors to assist other young people.
The Prince visited the Trust’s headquarters in London to unveil the initiative, which is designed as a direct response to high levels of youth unemployment.

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