Debating trends in publishing

In our News Blog this morning we reported on how the United Nations agency, which is tasked with preserving the world”s cultural heritage, has called for a debate to examine the changing trends in book publishing and copyrights.

“Change is giving rise also to sharp new debates — about the strengths and weaknesses of different kinds of products, about the nature of copyright today, about the role of libraries relative to online knowledge, about the meaning of ”authorship” in a world of blogs and wikis,” said Irina Bokova, the Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in a message to mark the World Book and Copyright Day.

Ms Bokova called for the protection of books, stating that they are the best voices of tolerance and that they act as pillars of free and open societies. She asked that efforts
be made to ensure that books become available to the 800 million adults who still do not have reading skills. “We must explore all aspects of the changes they [books] are undergoing today,” she added.

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