Thursday afternoon’s creativity

Well it’s the day before the long Easter bank holiday and I have been lucky enough to spend the afternoon out of the office and in my own garden in France. My sister and her husband are arriving for the weekend tomorrow morning, so a work-free (ish) afternoon was required to prepare for the grand event!! There was shopping to complete, a house to tidy, a dog to try and discipline and a garden to trim. All of this was somehow taken over by greenhouse building however! Yes, the beloved greenhouse which I brought my partner for her birthday is now up. Finally. It has only taken 4 weeks and the contributions of about 8 people. I am impressed with the final product, and think that the odd wonky piece simply adds to its creative style.

Gardening was never really my thing before we moved to France. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be outside and I quite enjoy potting up plants and flowers and having so much colour in a garden, but the ongoing responsibility of developing a large, structured, ‘pretty’ garden has never been particularly appealing. Now however, whilst I am not all that good at gardening, I do enjoy it – the sense of achievement when you manage to create something beautiful from cuttings or from seed is stupidly addictive. So when I can, I do get myself away from the computer and out into the great outdoors – secateurs in hand.

So with me merrily greenhouse building and Jo on annual leave, Catherina has found herself running the WWRL joint on this glorious thursday. She has of course done a grand job. Manuscripts have been edited, essays proof read, Information Governance ‘plans of action’ have been drawn up and policy documentation has been created. The whole team seems to be set for a glorious bank holiday break – I hope you all are too.



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