Join the Campaign to End E-book Piracy!

The Society of Authors has written to Internet Archive’s Open Library, demanding that they immediately discontinue the practice of lending scanned copies of physical books on their site.

Open Library scans copies of physical books and make them available for loan as e-books. They do not ask permission to make these scans, nor do they pay any royalties to authors or publishers. These books are available for loan all over the world.

The Society of Authors is concerned that if this model was replicated across the web it could destroy the e-book market and make it even harder for authors to make a living from their work.

How can you help?

  1. Sign the Society of Authors letter  asking Internet Archive and other organisations offering ‘Controlled Digital Lending to cease the practice of Controlled Digital Lending.
  2. If your books appear on Open Library, let the Authors Guild know by filling out this form. If Open Library does not comply with the Authors Guild’s takedown notice, tell the Society of Authors.
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