Researching New Book Leaves Author in a Comma!

Martin Greenwood was researching his grandfather’s artwork for a new book about his life when he became seriously ill and was unable to breathe.

He was rushed to hospital and spend six days in a coma.

It turned out that microscopic spores from the century-old documents he was researching were the cause of the mystery illness.

Mr Greenwood’s grandfather, Percy, was a famous entertainer, comedian and artist who lived and worked in the Bradford area in the early 1900s.

When Martin regained consciousness, doctors told him he had suffered an allergic reaction after breathing in the spores which were contained in the 100-year-old papers!

He made a full recover and even went on to finish his book ‘Percy Monkman: An Extraordinary Bradfordian.’

Talking about the experience Mr Greenwood said “When I started to look at them [the papers] I started to realise there was a very good story here.

“It seemed a neat thing to do to put some shape to his life and write a story about it for family and friends, so his memory would be kept alive.

“After Christmas in 2016, I took my grandchildren to the park but I could hardly breathe.

“It came to a head two weeks after that, the first week in the New Year I got to a point where I could hardly breathe, walk, I couldn’t stand.

“Medication wasn’t having much impact and my wife, who is a nurse, called the doctor out and I was whizzed into Warwick Hospital.

“I remember arriving in the hospital and the next memory I’ve got is waking up six days later – I’d been put into an induced coma, I was in intensive care for 11 days and in general ward for another ten days.

“For the rest of 2017 I was writing the book and I was careful about using these documents but from time to time did look at them – I had to really to pick up quotations.

“I’m delighted to have finished the book. It almost killed me but I would say it was worth it!”

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