NHS Information Standards

NHS Information Standards are a powerful tool for organisations of all sizes, supporting innovation, improving services and increasing productivity. Effective standardisation of standards supports the enhancement of services, enabling an organisation to effectively shape the delivery of safe, interoperable and cost effect health / social care services.

With this in mind, The Department of Health’s Information Governance (IG) Policy team are working on a portfolio of information standards initiated by: new Government directives; DH policy; identified needs demonstrated via IG Toolkit outcomes; and a desire to improve existing operational processes

Information Governance Standards aim to improve and promote the understanding of the importance of delivering health and social care with adequate Information Governance arrangements in place.

The Policy Team’s key objectives are: (1) Identify and prioritise need for IG Policy lead standards, (2) Develop IG Policy related Information Standards, (3) Progress standards through the NHS and Social Care Information Standards Board processes, (4) Monitor outcomes and obtain feedback on benefits, (5) Provide an Information Governance input to standards being developed by others.
More information is available on the Information Standards Board website www.isb.nhs.uk


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