Information Governance Training figures improve

There has been real progress seen in the number of individuals completing the NHS Information Governance Training toolkit which can be found online.

IG Training was mandated at 95% of all staff to pass the “Introduction to Information Governance” or “Information Governance: The Beginner’s Guide”. An alternative revision module was provided “Information Governance: The Refresher Module” for staff who had completed their mandatory module in the previous 12 months. The deadline to achieve 95% was extended to 30 June 2011 and an option was introduced for alternative training methods (subject to the training material being approved).

THe NHS Information Governance body has been able to announce this month that the efforts made by IG Leads have resulted in the figures shown below:

IGTT Modules (as shown above) passed on line = over 415,000

Staff NLMS Modules (as shown above) passed on line = nearly 63,000 staff

In addition many NHS organisations (totalling over 300,000 staff) have delivered IG training to sections of their staff using the IGTT training content or content approved by the Information Governance Team. This has been a tremendous achievement for the NHS and a significant display of commitment to the security of confidential information during a period of NHS change.

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