SME Commissioner Promises to Sort Out Payment Disputes in Wales

Wales’ small businesses now have more support to take action against unfair payment practices.

The Small Business Commissioner, Paul Uppal, will support 208,000 small businesses in Wales to resolve payment disputes and tackle larger businesses unfair payment practices to drive culture change.

SMEs can access new guidance through the commissioner’s website and they can submit late payment complaints to the Commissioner.

Paul Uppal, Small Business Commissioner, said “Having run my own small business for over twenty years I am well aware that integrity and trust are key to running and building a successful business. My mission is to help all small businesses nurture positive and lasting relationships with their customers that work in the best interests of both.

Today I am launching a new website so small businesses know their rights, as well as how to contact me if they need further action to be taken when the larger businesses they supply owe them money.”

This is one of a number of measures Government is taking to tackle a late payment culture. Regulations came into force in April 2017 requiring large businesses to publicly report the average time they take to pay their suppliers. This allows suppliers, including small businesses, to make informed decisions about who they do business with.

Firms can check when large businesses pay their suppliers on GOV.UK. So far over 200 of the UK’s largest businesses have submitted payment reports.

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