Government Seeking Authors’ Views on PLR Rates

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) is seeking authors’ views on the British Library Board’s proposed PLR rate for 2018.

The British Library Board is responsible for making a recommendation to the Secretary of State of the amount to be paid from the PLR fund to authors, illustrators and other contributors to compensate them for the loan of their books by public libraries.  The amount due to each author is based on a rate per loan, calculated on the basis of the size of the fund and an estimate of the number of loans that will be made during the period.

The board is recommending that the rate is increased to 8.2 pence per loan, an increase of 0.38 pence over last year.  This increase reflects the fact that library cuts mean that the estimated number of PLR-registered loans has decreased.

In response to the consultation the Society of Authors has stated that is accepts the change but with the following recommendations:

  • They urge the government to include volunteer-run libraries in PLR.
  • The government ring-fences and increases the (already meagre) PLR fund in any future spending review.
  • They urge the Government to fulfil its obligation to provide, protect and maintain a comprehensive and efficient library service.

Let the government know your views on the matter by emailing, or by writing to:

4th Floor
Parliament Street
London SW1A 2BQ

But hurry – the deadline is the 24th November!

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