Pressure Mounts on Government to Halt Rise in University Fees

A Labour motion calling on the government to reverse a planned increase in university tuition fees in England from this Autumn was approved in the House of Commons this week.

The motion was called following an opposition day debate but no actual vote was held as the Conservatives did not oppose the motion.

The government says it is not bound by the result, but shadow education secretary Angela Rayner said the vote reflected the will “of this House”.  Anglea Rayner went on to claim that, if not stopped, the planned tuition fee increases would see students paying up to £1000 more for their courses from this autumn.

Amatey Doku, NUS Vice President (Higher Education) said “Today’s debate is a victory for students, who are already paying an astronomical sum in tuition fees and are graduating with a burden of up to £57,000 in debt.”

“We welcome the support from the opposition and crossbenchers who have cornered the government onto wobbly legal ground over tuition fees. If they defy the will of the House, they place themselves in a constitutional crisis. More importantly, they face a moral dilemma: if they bulldoze ahead with these increases there will be lasting repercussions for generations of students to come. Young people will be watching carefully to see if the government is genuinely on their side.”


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