New Amazon Book Chart Tracks Reading Rather Than Just Buying Habits

Amazon has been updating its most sold books chart hourly for some time now, but they have now added a feature whereby you can also track what people are actually reading!

The new weekly list analyses data from Amazon’s e-commerce site and other connected apps — including audiobook shop Audible, the GoodReads social recommendation service, and its Kindle e-books app.  For obvious reasons it does not include paper books.

The “Most Read” list ranks books by the average number of daily Kindle readers and daily Audible listeners each week, whether they are in the process of reading or have completed reading the book in that week.

The “Most Sold” list ranks books based on the number of print and electronic copies sold and pre-ordered through, and Amazon Books brick-and-mortar stores as well as books borrowed from Amazon’s subscription programs such as Kindle Unlimited,, and Prime Reading.

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