Successful Self Publisher Swimming Against the Tide

Joanna Penn has been something of a poster girl for the self-publishing community in the UK and has surprised many by announcing that she has moved into physical book publishing.

Her publishing company, Curl Up Press, is an independent small press, currently focusing on thrillers and dark fantasy fiction, self-help and writing related non-fiction, written by J.F.Penn and Joanna Penn.

In a recent article on her blog Joanna explained her reasons for the move:

  • She is already working with other authors and paying royalties, and so needs formal administrative, sale and financial systems to track these activities.
  • She would like to expand her own print distribution and by using an imprint name bookstores and libraries won’t question how her books are published.
  • She would like to be able to license more of her own intellectual property rights, and this is easier to do from a company imprint and with a separate brand.

Joanna is not alone is setting up an independent press as a vehicle to achieve her own publishing dreams.  Other big name indie authors have started small presses or larger companies, working alone or with other authors, including:

  • Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant and David Wright. They went from 3 guys self-publishing in disparate genres to running Sterling and Stone, a company with several different imprints, and plans for a story studio to rival Pixar.
  • Marie Force started Jack’s House Publishing to publish fellow authors in romance.
  • New York Times & USA Today bestselling indie author Liliana Hart started SilverHart Publishing, also for romance novels.

Joanna’s blog post is crammed full of practical advice for would be hard-copy publishers – click here to find out more!

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