Four reasons to consider writing a dissertation

A dissertation is arguably the most fulfilling academic task a student will undertake at university. While the idea of writing a dissertation for some students may feel like a daunting option they can pass up, for others, it is a compulsory requirement for their course. For those of you who have an option, here is an outline of the four most significant benefits to you, should you take on this thorough, exhilarating task.

1. Acquire specialism

Through writing your dissertation, you will have gained specialised knowledge in your subject area. Your dissertation demonstrates your abilities in research and argument, and it will be added to existing scholarly research documents, too.

2. Hone your existing skills

Since a dissertation is, essentially, a series of related essays compiled together, you will have a written document with a 10,000 word count – so from this, you will have gained written communication skills, combined with the skills of collecting and recording data accurately, time management, as well as critical thinking skills to interpret the entire research and to establish the extent and limitations of your dissertation.

3. Follow your interests

You may also get the option in some courses to formulate your own research question for your title, plus plan the questions that your dissertation aims to investigate and answer. This will, therefore, allow you to make your research your own and shed light to the subject area that hasn’t been seen before.

4. Stand out from the crowd

In job interviews, you must have something to say about your achievements – that would impress your prospective employer, of course – the dissertation you wrote can be one of them. It also boosts your CV and sets you apart from students that haven’t written one.

Your dissertation will not only contribute to the academic world, but it will give you plenty of recognition in the future. This can only be beneficial to your life and well worth your time. So, if you’re prepared to put in the hard work required for your write-up, you will definitely reap the benefits.





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