Good morning – it’s a beautiful day here – hope you are enjoying the spring weather wherever you are too! Last night should have been Zumba night for myself and Catherina, the Director of Ops here at WWRL, but wine (well fake wine in my case) and chocolate took over and we ended up skipping class in favour of calories – all very naughty. I believe Jo’s sister is running a Zumba class tonight in Halstead, Essex, so perhaps that would be a good substitute instead…

First however we need to get through the day! A very productive day was had by all yesterday, including myself remarkably. I am starting to feel the effects of carrying around a 6.5 month old pregnancy bump and so am not quite as energetic and, well, mad, as I was before I fell pregnant but nonetheless I was able to churn out that Information Governance Assessment without too much difficulty yesterday morning. Let’s hope today continues in a similar way! We have a team meeting in about 30 mins which will keep us all occupied for the next hour or so, then the team is split between article writing, client liaison, marketing work, manuscript editorials, synopsis writing and yep, those popular publisher packs! So another creative day ahead of us. Lovely.

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