IG rules the day!

Information Governance looms ahead of me today as I prepare to draft the assessment for one of our Independent Healthcare Provider clients. Whilst the evidence preparation is often a lot of fun (there’s leaflets to create and training material to pull together), the actual writing of the assessment can feel like a never-ending task, especially now that the number of standards Connecting for Health is looking for compliance against has increased significantly. It is no wonder that so many health and social care providers enlist our help with this assessment – it would otherwise be hugely time consuming for them.

So whilst I beaver away at drafting the IG assessment, the rest of the team are already in the office and working hard. The ‘word’ on the corridor is that today’s focus remains on Publisher Packs which are hugely popular with our writer clients at the moment. In addition we are making some changes to our CQC website pages, so there is a creative team managing these improvements today, manuscript editorials and CV creations are happening amongst the editorial team, and our non-fiction writers are pushing through atleast 20 well informed article pieces today. There is a great buzz about the place this morning, I think I’ll head across to the kitchen to make myself another coffee and enjoy this morning’s excited atmosphere.

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