Maintaining high quality care in the health system

The National Quality Board (NQB) has announced how it plans to maintain and improve quality in the health care system. The NQB brings together national organisations responsible for quality across health care and promotes high quality care for all patients who receive care in the NHS.

The NQB has focused predominantly on how the health care system should prevent, identify and respond to serious failures in quality.

It has provided information on:

  • each organisation’s role and responsibilities in different parts of the health care system.
  • how organisations should work together to share information and intelligence to ensure co-ordinated system-wide response in the event of a failure.

Click here to visit the Department of Health website, to find out about the NQB and to read the full report.

The NQB wants your views on its approach to maintaining and improving the quality of care.

Send your views to by 30 September 2012.

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