Equality objectives published today

The CQC have published equality objectives that detail how they consider equality issues when they regulate services and how they perform as an employer.

The CQC consulted on a draft set of objectives with their staff, including their staff equality networks, people using health and social care services and key organisations that they work with to ensure equality. This resulted in over 70 comments and many of these were incorporated in the final objectives.

The final set of nine objectives cover:

  • embedding equality in all the CQC’s work.
  • responding appropriately when providers breach the equality aspects of the essential standards.
  • improving the information that the CQC hold about risks to equality in organisations that they regulate.
  • involving a diverse range of people who use services in the CQC’s work.
  • increasing the uptake of accessible information that the CQC produce.
  • embedding equality in CQC’s mental health act functions.
  • ensuring a diverse workforce at CQC.
  • ensuring CQC staff are treated with equality.
  • ensuring CQC staff have the training and tools they need around equality.

Jo Williams, Chair of CQC Board said: “At CQC, we are committed to embedding equality and human rights in everything that we do. Our equality objectives help to provide a focus for our work – covering both how we regulate to ensure equality and how we ensure that our own staff have equality of opportunity.

“The CQC Board have actively contributed to the development of the objectives and we look forward to providing the leadership to ensure that our commitment to equality and human rights can be achieved in reality.”

Jill Finney, CQC Deputy Chief Executive, responded: “Our new equality objectives will help us to build a culture of equality in CQC – both for our staff and in our regulatory work.

“I am pleased that people who use health and social care services have participated in developing the objectives through our eQuality Voices group and SpeakOut network – and that many staff across CQC have contributed as well. This has meant that we have set stretching yet achievable equality goals for our work. Developing equality objectives is a legal requirement but the Executive Team are keen that we move beyond compliance with the law in this area.

“We aim for CQC to become a high performing organisation in relation to equality and human rights. We look forward to working with the rest of the CQC staff to deliver the objectives”

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Under the Equality Act 2010, there is a statutory requirement for most public sector organisations, including CQC, to publish these objectives.

Read more information about Equality and human rights.

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