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New York sees the first Amazon book shop

Many blame Amazon and the e-reader phenomenon for the loss of many high street book shops over the last few years. But now, the internet company is about to open it’s first physical book shop in New York. The internet … Continue reading

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A notebook belonging to Dylan Thomas has been discovered

A notebook of Dylan Thomas has been found after 70 years. The notebook contains drafts and revisions of some of his most challenging poems and could help to shed light on his complex works. The poet’s mother-in-law asked for the notebook … Continue reading

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Draft guidance to promote openness within the NHS

There is to be a consultation with the CQC on how doctors, nurses and midwifes can be more open and honest when things go wrong. The General Medical Council and the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the regulators for individual health … Continue reading

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University Open Days

With the latest year group of students off to University and enjoying their first weeks as fully fledged students, there are a whole new group of young adults worrying about where they should attend university; a decision that will have … Continue reading

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CQC Guidance to Compliance

We have pulled together two important documents from the Care Quality Commission that are relevant to our healthcare clients. These guides are designed to help providers of health and adult social care to comply with the Health and Social Care … Continue reading

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A new model for inspecting adult social care

On Thursday 9th October, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) issued this press release, copied below, that confirms how it will regulate, inspect and rate care homes and community adult social care in England. Following extensive joint development, consultation and testing … Continue reading

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Chief Inspector of Hospitals recommends Wye Valley NHS Trust is placed in special measures following Care Quality Commission inspection

A press release from the CQC, released 14th October 2014, states that it is recommended that Wye Valley NHS Trust is place in special measures, following their recent inspection. Hereford County Hospital was rated as ‘Inadequate’ whereas Wye Valley Community … Continue reading

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CQC’s response to Healthwatch England’s complaints system report

Healthwatch England have today published a report calling for renewed efforts to create a compassionate complaints system. In response, Prof Sir Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals at the Care Quality Commission, said: “This is a very timely report from … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize for literature to be announced this week

The winner of the 2014 Nobel prize for literature is to be announced tomorrow, Thursday 9th October at noon (BST). Haruki Murakami and the Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o are joint favourites to win the literary world’s greatest honour. According … Continue reading

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Underemployment: Show skills beyond your degree

Underemployment may be a term that is only recently being used, mainly by graduates. It is something that has been on the increase since the 2008 recession, and refers to graduates who are working in a low-skilled job, or unable … Continue reading

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