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Application Forms and Personal Statements

With our application form editorials we undertake the following:

  • We complete your application form in conjunction with the job and person specification to ensure that you provide the best possible answers to the questions posed within the form
  • We tailor your skills and achievements to ensure that you can display how you meet the employer’s specific requirements
  • We ensure that your application form is written in the most appropriate style for the job
  • We make sure the language works for you and ensure that you have included appropriate selling words that highlight your skills and abilities in the best possible way
  • We ensure the spelling, punctuation and grammar are all perfect!
  • We identify areas that could benefit from examples of your achievement
  • We can also use similar techniques to produce a tailored personal statement, which will highlight your key skills and achievements clearly and concisely

As with all services offered by Words Worth Reading Ltd, we offer our customers on-line / over the phone support and advice 7 days a week – offering you the consistent support you need to achieve your career goals.

Don't forget that 10% of all submission fees are donated to Oxfam, so by using Words Worth Reading Ltd, you are helping to support an important charity.